14 MAYO 2017


The sugar within by body will turn into fire and I won’t be able to escape the flame

You say we must open new worlds

But what are you talking about? Today it is very likely there is not a world anymore Get up forget the third floor left door the window above the dark aisle of the street the trees of winter and summer the small screen over the ends of cigarettes only the smoke is dancing before we knew each other though you never came over with a packet of cigarettes that doesn’t last long  meat burger rickety bed, table and chair.

I’m burning from below and fire will vividly communicate screaming and lighting the liver the street throughout my veins and arteries burning colon the voice of Giovanni boiled and is vapor now    Intestines follow an evil rhythm and arrive in waves to my eyes

So tell me do you need any extra heat?

I need to change this body for another one that wont kiss the mould   don’t turn on the lights, listen the revelry   They are prodding a dear that is coming towards me in flames he doesn’t scare my   grass will cuddle him once he falls down all red    get me out of here the love of this beast is killing me   they connect it to my body they bound me to the offal  


cut the air that surrounds me untie me from the table covered with cigarettes ends    I’m running out of air     you are taking it away from me   emerging from the ground and expanding    someone like you emerges abruptly and seats by my side  another one leans out the door with the shape of the Philippines


Black cloth being spanned by wind and  hail   I never run in straight line to get to this chair   I jumped some hurdles  I refused some others  I slept here and there   I have lost the track on what I have eaten or drunk  I have seen myself at the same time in different paths I have seen lots of “I” in the same road 


Back off back off

I will blow your hands, your head will fly over the sidewalk and burst under the hail  You don’t know how it is like to live this closed to the ground   please wake me up because I can’t shake me and make me no longer wonder when is that dear coming or if I will be able to silent his song   cold nettle wet cloth   He (I) says he loves me and in anyplace I put her mouth on mine  Im condemned to live inside myself,  sugar cube  Does he know? Would he dissapear if I ever touched him?