30 ABRIL 2017


I can’t stop coughing

I will end up singing that old horrible song hey hey

They will fly to the skies, soaring they will stay up there

One must be very sane to cope with the extreme level of reality I’m living.

I killed my first dear with a Winchester 45, a dear who came die at my feet   let me do the math    I was a teenager, around 14 o 15 years old when they put on me all those guts, that blood    Death is something ordinary that we will eventually take away us all but our own death that it is extraordinary    Fumiko told me someone died  that is what they call me for but I won’t kiss a death that grosses me out   that’s more the kind of thing George and his squad would do​

​Hello, who is this? No I haven’t called ​

I came to Madrid because my mother was about to die and even though I don’t like speaking about this dismal things I wanted to be with her, assist her death  They took her out of the residence with a patch of buscopan and you won’t notice a thing because of the opium it contains    I don’t know who called   My father died holding his violin  from a heart attack in a military residence in Tenerife, threatened   I was really moved when that happened  I inherited that violin and know it belongs to Toni’s daughters

The death round around each other, they hop on each other and then it is on you   Humble corruption

The death of someone brings back all death  death is India where you look everything, the moon the stars the lighting of misery

The laptop is charging when there is that green light, you see?

I can’t think light   it iss nuclear white, is white of whites a very hard to get white, filled with the idea of pure white, just smoke

Watch out that beautiful lady, she represents death and looks like Elsa, who went to Tanger with Eduardo and never came back   May they say it is in Orion or in the Fortunate Isles ​   I know it is there and that means here   a painting by Poussin.

​He knew he was going to die so he decided to throw a party   that is a way   The unlimited confussion? Is there something out there? Why? Take the boat and some money, you have to pay the boatman.