SEPTEMBER 15th 2016


My most pitiful work     I call them humbugs     I wonder why you felt attracted to them    maybe because of their extreme fragility.


(…) before you arrived I lived in Paris    on my way to the studio or during my lunch or coffee breaks I started to assemble these little pieces with cigarette butts and packets   at that time I didn’t have any of these balls of string  that you gave me nor candy    I had cigarettes and hash.


at my school     known as “de las maravillas” but I’d rather call it “de las penalidades”    I had a really tough time    well, there was this area in the chemistry and natural science lab where stuffed animals were exposed      I wanted to flatter the ravens so I started bringing them some tiny things     one of the first tiny things I brought them was this seagull I had hunted like I was fishing, using wire and a hook      I used to feed it with sardines, it was pretty disgusting     the ravens didn’t want it     then I got a boat     a dinghy -four sticks    some strings and a hull-  and sank it into a pond    when the water evaporated    the dinghy  was shimmering covered in sea salt    that they did like.


(…) I’ve always liked manual work   since I was a kid    for real    I wonder if I took after my dad, who was also such a handyman     a specialist in christmas nativity scenes    he’d set the mager up underneath the stairwell    the shepherds the silver river  the small lights     the three wise men with their surprises    as well as some flexible African figures made out of wire and rubber that could bend into impossible postures     only if I were more dedicated I’d become a jeweler      but I could never use Imedio  to set diamonds in platinum    superglue would do the work just fine.


That dinghy was a way to exist      get me a reward, huh?     a classy way of flattering those ravens.


Why I decided to use sugar cubes?    well, they were handy, easy to get in any of those cafés in Paris     bowles stuffed with sugar cubes to bunch into my pockets    and then home!    sometimes I would undress them but sometimes I wouldn’t     all shivering        when they had beautiful wrapping papers they got to keep them   look at those blue ones in new years eve     feathers    balloon   remains of nothing would add up   the glue was named owl    anything usless I could grasp I added up.


Look   I first remove the cellophane, then put it inside and close it with a sugar cube, a cigarrette butt or some string    to keep it shut, man!    if I don’t seal it, it can be easily opened    this is a wrapped box, we don’t know its content    it is like a mountain on a hole, I start putting just one thing and the rest comes alone     maybe a cigarette end, maybe a sugar cube, maybe a clothes peg      just like a song    you find a word and then the lyrics fall together     watch     this lighter doesn’t work    if I had glue I’d glue it    see how it grows upwards   let’s say its lying on its back  but pregnant of course     it might be just a coincidence but I always associate sugar to nicotine     sometines there is a peppermint but I unwrap it and eat it     same with cigarettes    when I don’t have any I look for a butt and smoke it.


Why humbugs? Like a lie    fugitive   errant   very precarious. If you don’t take good care of them they are self-destroyed. Time mistreats them    kills them    they fade away.


Is that why I named them after people?