Collaboration project MAC / El instante

As a continuation to his show Azúcar y nicotina, from September 22th to October 26th, Miguel Ángel Campano will be creating and artwork at el instante fundación. Workshop and exhibition of materials issued from the dialogues between Miguel Ángel and the foundation.

Visiting hours

Tuesday to thursday from 11 to 19h: Visit of the working space and exhibition

Friday: The artist will be working in the foundation from 10 to 11h.

Groups and students  are wellcome (contact us for further information and inscriptions)

Conversations with Miguel Ángel

September 15 2016

I call them humbugs     I wonder why you felt attracted to them    maybe because of their extreme fragility.

April 7th 2017

When I went down the stairway of the plain in Delhi, air was as thick as flesh, it was flesh. Flesh is a witness that embraces everything. I had to push the air all my way to the hotel, walls made of flesh. 

April 30th 2017

I will end up singing that old horrible song hey hey

They will fly to the skies, soaring they will stay up there

One must be very sane to cope with the extreme level of reality I’m living.

May 14th 2017

You say we must open new worlds

But what are you talking about? I don’t think world exists today anymore

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