When thus I hail the Moment flying: 
“Ah still delay-thou are so fair!”

Faust. Goethe

If we are no more than a short time within the time of being and of beings in time, may we accept it, may we, in spite of everything, try to illusorily capture the essence of time. The Moment is the place where no one returns, a place without a past or a future.

We need to know that we exist; time consumes and feeds us at the same time.

El instante fundación arises to conduct and encourage others to develop a reflexion about present time in our lives.

We are a place for reflexion, unexpected and obliquity.

We are born as a transversal project, wishing to collaborate with other foundations and institutions and embracing different practices of science and art. Moments are interrelated just like tales, like miracles.

Not only we aim to discuss the intimate movements of the spirit in search of itself, we also wish to express and conform a way of being within a present culture and historical time.